Partner School Links for Vets

About Us

Academics for Veterans, or A’s for Vets, is an alliance, formed by The Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council, consisting of Institutions of Higher Learning in the Lehigh Valley, endeavoring to better support veterans seeking education and support.

Our Mission:

To bring together a group of higher learning institutions in the Greater Lehigh Valley and collaborate to train, educate, and support discharged military veterans and their qualifying dependents to be successful in achieving their professional and personal educational goals. The vision is that through these efforts all veterans attending these schools will gain meaningful employment and/or achieve their academic goals, preferably in the Greater Lehigh Valley area.

Our Goals:

1) That Veterans and their qualifying dependents will be able to make a fact-based decision on the best educational option for them to achieve their goals.

2) That A’s for Vets schools will support each other in implementing best practices for providing an educational environment that is supportive of student veterans and qualifying dependents of veterans at each of our schools.

Who We Are:

Each member of the A’s for Vets initiative brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to better serve the Lehigh Valley’s military veterans population and provide Veterans resources. Many of the representatives serving on the steering committee are already familiar with working with student veterans. In addition, many are members of military veteran families or are veterans themselves. Consequently, this unique collaborative partnership brings many view points and experience levels to the table in support of military veterans in, or interested in coming to, the Lehigh Valley.